Greener Ventures Entrepreneurship Contest

The Greener Ventures Entrepreneurship Contest celebrates Dartmouth entrepreneurship by encouraging the development of cross-campus collaboration and new venture ideas in the community. The competition provides a vehicle for Dartmouth entrepreneurs to further their projects through increased visibility, networking opportunities, expert feedback and cash awards.

This year’s competition will take place as a vital part of the 2012 Greener Ventures Entrepreneurship Conference, jointly hosted by the Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Network (DEN) and the Entrepreneurship Initiative at Tuck and to take place on campus at the Tuck School of Business on April 13th and 14th. Submissions to compete for the $50,000 prize will be accepted on a rolling basis until March 26, 2012.

Download the complete requirements and rules for the Contest in pdf format here

2012 Winners and semi-Finalists

1st place —Spiral-E Solutions

Dartmouth Connection: Alison Stace-Naughton D'13
A medical device startup that manufactures a vacuum tissue stabilizer for surgery. Prototyped for gastrointestinal surgery, the device uses minimally invasive techniques. It stabilizes gastrointestinal tissue suffering from large surgical bleeds, and functions as a companion to an endoscope to ensure clear imaging during operations.

2nd place —PayOrPass

Dartmouth Connections: Nathan Sharp Tu'12, Greg Kimball Tu'12, Weifu Wang D'14 (PhD)
Have you ever found a great product that was priced too high? What if you could simply tell the merchant selling the product what you want to pay? And better yet, what if you could tell all merchants that sell that exact product what you want to pay? If your offer price is reasonable, it's likely that a merchant is willing to sell that product at your exact price. PayOrPass makes this possible. We are an online shopping platform that enables shoppers to place non-binding bids on the items they want to buy across the internet. We collect and organize individual shopper preferences and reach out to merchants on the shoppers' behalf. With PayOrPass, merchants can then quickly identify the most attractive shoppers to send unique, personalized email deals on extremely relevant products.

3rd place —Grocery Glee

Dartmouth Connection: Andres Bilbao Tu'13, Pablo Navarro Tu'13, Michael Lenon Tu'13, Daniel Bilbao Tu'13, Daniel Ettinger Tu'13
Grocery Glee provides retailers with an administrable mobile e-commerce platform that enables fast grocery shopping through smartphones and tablets. Shoppers will be captivated with an intuitive user interface that reproduces store aisle arrangements, and entice shoppers to make impulse purchases, adding new sales.


Dartmouth Connection: Shahid Ali MD'13, J. Daniel Kim D'11
GlucoSmart is a mobile phone app that seeks to transform individual diabetes management by automatically and continuously monitoring the consumer's physical activity, and integrating it with temporal diabetes data. It engages the user through a live Android wallpaper and personalized motivation alerts.


Dartmouth Connection: Delos Chang D'14
An online meme comic creation website. Its platform allows users to build comic strips based on crowd-sourced images to tell stories and express emotions. It connects users and the comics they create to each other within the site based on matching tags for comics, and allows users to share their comics on other social networks. After reaching a critical mass of users, memeja will eventually sell merchandise with user-created meme comics.


Dartmouth Connection: Terrance Bei D'13
Puddleworks produces videogame software and apps for mobile devices that allow for an interactive user experience. Puddleworks' games connect users to the outside world, using the smartphone or tablet camera to recognize objects and incorporating them into the game, along with creating user to user connections. Puddleworks markets virtual goods in its games and charges a fee for the ad-free version of its apps.


Dartmouth Connections: Tivon Sidorsky Tu'10 (MD/MBA), Jessica Morgan Tu'10 (MD/MBA), Misha Sidorsky D'10Pureflora Technologies, LLC was founded in November, 2011 with a mission to develop a highly effective and safe system to treat Clostridium difficile (C. diff) and a variety of other disorders associated with imbalances of gastrointestinal tract microflora, representing an overall addressable U.S. market of $19.1 billion. Pureflora's Gastrointestinal Flora Transplantation (GIFT) system provides significant competitive advantages over existing pharmacologic and procedural methods used to treat these conditions, offering a win-win-win value proposition to patients, providers, and payers.

Rock Lobby

Dartmouth Connections: Darius Chehzrad Tu'12, Peter Kruger Tu'13
Rock Lobby aims to bring a marketplace to live entertainment at small-to-medium venues, bars, and events. The site will consist of four main products; ShowPlanner, ManagementPortal,
FlashTickets, and LiveReviews. The site will target performers and performance groups, live-entertainment venues, bars, events, show promoters, and live music and entertainment fans.


Dartmouth Connections: Jeff Millman Tu'12, Brian Meyers Tu'12
Soteer offers a customized integrated solution to colleges and universities that reduces the incidence of alcohol related injuries on campuses by creating, supporting, and teaching a non-threatening, peer monitoring intervention system led and implemented by students themselves. Soteer trains students in such disciplines as signs and symptoms of drug and alcohol abuse, recognizing possible sexual assault situations and how to avoid them, conflict resolution, communication strategies, and bystander intervention. These students are then paid to monitor student parties and intervene quickly and unobtrusively when necessary. SOTEER groups are student run, thus creating a grassroots cultural change while facilitating greater knowledge of the campus party environment. This model has been successful in reducing alcohol and drug-related hospitalizations by over 80% in the last eight years at Haverford College and resulted in only two hospitalizations in over the first 250 parties in the first year of operations at Dartmouth College.

Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Society Contest

The 2012 undergraduate portion of the Greener Ventures Entrepreneurship Contest, hosted by the Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Society (DES), will take place from January 27 to April 5, 2012. In the spirit of promoting entrepreneurship among Dartmouth students, all undergraduates—both teams and individuals—are encouraged to compete for a $20,000-prize to be awarded on April 5. The contest's winners will use the prize to incorporate and to fund their ventures. The top three DES teams also win a place in the campus-wide Greener Ventures Entrepreneurship Semi-Final Competition round on April 13; these teams will count as three of the eight semi-finalists competing on April 13.

This year's DES competition will build on last year's DES competition, which received 43 submissions from undergraduate teams, and marks the second annual undergraduate contest of its kind.

Download the complete requirements and rules for the Contest in pdf format here